Mojave Sands

I landed in California around 6pm & headed straight to Sarah's loft in downtown LA. After a quick conversation & a last minute decision we were in the car and heading to the desert. I was in the middle of the busiest season I had ever been in & was just wrapping up the largest project I have worked on to date. I was exhausted. An impromptu no wifi, no cell service visit to the desert was exactly what I needed. We rolled in late, greeted by a tumbleweed (my only goal for the desert: see a tumbleweed. Check!) we iPhone flash lighted our way to the door. After dropping our bags we pulled a few lawn chairs to the middle of the courtyard and stared up for a while. I can't remember if we even talked very much, just sat and stared until our eyes wouldn't stay open anymore. We called it a night & woke up right as the sun started peaking through our blinds & rushed out the door for a drive through Joshua Tree in the morning light. The next few hours consisted of laughing, spinning, trying to take self timed photos (hard), yoga poses, and yelling at the top of our lungs on some rocks because WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT AND THAT IS WHAT YOU DO. Especially when you have Sarah Shreves at your side. Sarah is the type of person who elicits that kind of freedom. After a while of hanging around our motel we packed up and made the journey back through the desert to LA... which turned out to be a giant circle and an hour later we were still in the desert. Luckily, when surrounded by Joshua Tree you tend not to mind getting lost a little bit. Grateful for that 12 hour rest before hoping back into the busy & to have Sarah along for the ride to keep me laughing.